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An Introduction to Early Start Intake/Intake Services


The California State Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Regional Center system were established in 1965 through the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act. As of January 2013, over 258,000 persons with developmental disabilities were being served through Regional Centers throughout the state. Regional Centers serve persons with an intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder and other similar conditions closely related to an intellectual disability. The disability must have occurred prior to the age of eighteen (18), be substantially handicapping to the individual and expected to continue indefinitely. Regional Centers also serve Infants, birth to 36 months of age that may be eligible if they meet criteria under developmental delay; establish risk, high risk and a developmental disability.    

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center is one of 21 regional centers in California operated by private non-profit corporations, which contract with the State Department of Developmental Services.

The regional center coordinates services for people with developmental disabilities, developmental delay and their families. The goal of SGPRC is to provide service coordination and to secure services and supports which maximize opportunities and choices in living, working and learning in the community.


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