Disaster Preparedness

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October is the month we participate in the Great Shakeout, which is scheduled this year on Thursday, October 17th at 10:17 a.m.

Below is a slide presentation on the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety, prepared by the Earthquake Country Alliance, the originators of the Great Shakeout. 

Please join this year’s efforts to help the people we serve and their families better protect themselves and prepare for the next earthquake.  

SG/PRC Disaster Mission Statement

October 2012

The San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center, in an effort to best serve our clients and their families as well as support our staff, will in terms of Preparedness Activities:

  • Provide staff with emergency preparedness information in terms of web-based resource sites and printed materials;
  • Encourage each staff member to become better prepared as an individual, family member, and member of the community and this agency;
  • Disseminate emergency preparedness information, including printed brochures and other materials in various languages for our clients and their families;
  • Discuss with clients and families their own preparedness plans and encourage them to prepare kits, as part of the annual meeting;
  • Encourage vendors to enhance their emergency planning and emergency supplies;
  • Participate in training seminars and workshops with local response agencies and other entities, such as Disaster Management Area Coordinators;
  • Conduct or host training seminars/workshops for staff, vendors and clients and their families;
  • Practice drills for various emergency scenarios;
  • Maintain, review and upgrade a written emergency plan, as more pertinent information becomes available.

Also, in terms of Response and/or Recovery Activities, we will function as, or provide:

  • Communications and information services;
  • Advocacy services for our clients and their families;
  • Routine services as quickly as possible, to restore vendored services and supports to clients and payments to providers.

For questions about SG/PRC's Disaster Preparedness Activities and Resources, you may contact Carol Tomblin, Director of Compliance at (909) 868-7521 or email at

Disaster Preparedness Resources

Alert LA County:Los Angeles County’s Emergency Notification System 

What is Alert LA County?  Alert LA County is a FREE* mass notification system for Los Angeles County’s residents, schools, and businesses. The system will attempt to contact you when an emergency or a critical situation happens.*Services like calls, SMS messages, and data can imply a cost from your service provider.

Why should I sign up for Alert LA County?  I already receive other notifications from other services. Alert LA County is different from other services because the information comes from local authorities and is target specific. If the area where you live or have your business is impacted by an emergency or disaster, you will receive a recorded notification with specific directions on what to do. If your area is not threatened, you will not receive a notification.

How does the Alert LA County system contact you? If there is an emergency or a disaster in your area, Alert LA County can contact you by sending you a: 

  • Recorded telephone message at your home or business (TTY/TDD is also available)
  • Text message (SMS)
  • Email 

 When you register, you can choose which option(s) you prefer.

Who should sign-up for Alert LA?  All residents and business in Los Angeles County should sign-up to receive Alert LA County emergency notifications. The system has TTY/TDD capability if you are deaf or hearing impaired. Register online at

 What kind of emergency information does Alert LA County send? Alert LA County may send you any one of the following three notifications. Here are some tips on what to do:

Evacuation Warning [Get ready] 

  • Prepare to leave your home, business or the affected area.
  • Gather your family, pets, medications, basic needs kit, and important documents. 
  • Listen and follow the instructions from emergency responders.
  • If you have horses or large animals, begin to leave the area.

Evacuation Order [Leave now]

  • Leave your home or business immediately.
  • Do not return to the area. Wait until authorities say it is safe to return.
  • Be sure to follow instructions from authorities. Failure to do so may cause personal injuries or death, and may endanger other people’s lives.

Shelter-in-place [Stay covered where you are]

  • Stay inside wherever you are.
  • Turn off air-conditioner and fan units, if needed.
  • Use duct tape or similar material to seal gaps around vents, windows, and doors if needed.  
  • Do not leave wherever you are until authorities say it is safe to leave.
  • Listen to radio/television and the Emergency Alert System to stay informed.

For more information visit  LA COUNTY ALERT


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