POS Expenditures FY 16-17

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POS Expenditures Report FY 16-17

In 2018, SG/PRC scheduled 15 meetings during February and March to present information to the community in English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Cantonese about the POS Expenditure patterns for Fiscal Year 2016-2017.

The purpose of these meetings was to accomplish the following:

  1. Focus on three variables: (a) Total Annual Authorized Services and Expenditures by Ethnicity or Race and Age of Individual Served who is living at home with family; (b) Total Annual Authorized Services and Expenditures by Language and Age of Individual Served living at home with family; and (c) Ethnicity or Race and Language by Age for individuals with no authorized or expended services paid by SG/PRC.

  2. Request the community to assist SG/PRC in understanding the possible underlying reasons for POS disparity in authorizations and utilization (expenditures).

  3. Share the steps (projects) that SG/PRC has already taken to better meet the needs of individuals served by SG/PRC and their families to reduce disparity and increase equity in the authorization and utilization of purchased services.

  4. Identify further measures SG/PRC can take to increase access and utilization of purchased services across all ethnic, racial and language groups.

Posted below is the report submitted to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) documenting the meetings held with the community (AKA minutes), community comments, the trends in POS authorizations and expenditures identified by SG/PRC, and the proposed actions that SG/PRC will take to continue to address issues of disparity.

To view the report sent to DDS, please click here.

Also posted are the Power Point or Prezi presentations used during the meetings, listed by language.

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